Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Japan Mission Trip Report

Hi, everyone. To those of you who have faithfully supported and prayed for the mission trip to Japan that I was a part of, I will prepare a three part blog describing the details of the mission trip by week starting with the first week. I want to thank God for each of you as your prayers and support were instrumental in making things happen in Japan. I am glad that God allowed me to represent you in Japan. Also, before I begin, I would like to break down specifically how the money was spent in Japan. $3020 was raised in support.It was spent as follows:

- $1200 spent on Orbitz.com for a roundtrip ticket from MT to Tokyo, Japan.
- $1400 spent on support for the following ministries: Hope Miyagi (http://www.hopemiyagi.org/), Shiogama Bible Baptist Church Plant, T Baptist Church, and Karuizawa Language School (http://lcmjapan.teamjapan.org/Home.html).
- $420 spent on various forms of transportation around Japan. (Bullet Train to and from Sendai, Bullet Train to and from Kurizawa, Use of the Japanese local train system in Tokyo, and Use of the Bus System in Tokyo.)

I also brought $1500 for three weeks of vacation pay which was used for food, money exchange, paying for luggage, tourist stuff, and various other expenses. All of the money was not used.

Also, in my support raising letter I asked for prayer about each of these following things:

- Volunteering for a week in Northern Japan doing cleanup/rebuilding/ministering to the Tsunami damaged areas.
- Speaking at a Japanese University about Christianity, America, and my job.
- Visiting a Japanese jail or prison as well as Prison Ministry.
- Preach or teach at a Japanese church or outreach.
- Doing evangelistic outreach with local Japanese churches.
- Meeting Missionaries to help, encourage, or connect with.
- Seeking the Lord's leading in future Missionary work in Japan.

I want to report that the Lord answered prayer for each of these pre-trip requests with the exception of the Prison Ministry which I was unable to get a contact despite repeated attempts in Japan to do so. God is faithful. Thank you for your prayers!

So, next post will be about Week 1!


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