Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ancient Japanese Judeo-Christian Influences

Many people would be interested to know that an ancient Judeo-Christian heritage existed in places such as India, China, and Afghanistan as well as other countries in Asia. With some research you can find out about these topics in greater detail. I would recommend looking into this as it may change some of your preconceived ideas about the beliefs of these areas. However, today I would like to focus specifically on Japan’s ancient Judeo-Christian influences. On a previous blog I indicated that I would speak more about the connection with Judeo-Christian heritage in Ancient Japan. Many of you know about the history of Christianity in Japan, however there are other areas in which you may not be familiar with.  Here are some links to interesting articles:

Nestorian Christianity in Japan

CBN Article

Japan Times Article

Research about Ancient Israelite influence on Japanese Culture

Israelite Link

Here is a personal picture that I took at a train station in Tokyo. As noted in the above article these ‘God boxes’ were similar to the ark of the covenant in many ways. As empires come and go throughout history it is interesting to find artifacts that seem to show Judeo-Christian influences in Japan. Here are some links to a Japanese Documentary about these influences in Japan:

God's Fingerprints in Japan 1

God's Fingerprints in Japan 2

I hope that these resources help to see Japan in a different light. Tell me what you think!

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